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Guess Paper LLB-2   Paper 1 - Constitution Law

1)      Define constitution, sources of constitutional law and the difference between written and unwritten constitution.
2)      Explain the basic fundamental rights. How fundamental rights are most superior and special and cannot be interfered without having strict recourse to the law.
3)      Explain the selection of President and the removal of the President.

4)      .  Discuss and Elaborate the procedure of election and  Impeachment / removal of president of Pakistan  under the Constitution also state the powers of president of proclaim emergency.
5)      What is the state? What is the qualification and disqualification of the parliament?
6)      Explain the provisions of Article 199 and what is the jurisdiction of Supreme Court?
7)      What is the qualification and procedure for the appointment of Judges of High Court & Supreme Court?
8)      What is the composition of Parliament and the procedure for introduction and passing of bills.
9)      The High Court shall not issue a writ/direction on a application made by or in relation to a person who is member of Armed Forces of Pakistan. Explain
10)   Short Notes
a)      Supreme Judicial Council (b) Chief Election Commissioner (c)Imposition of Emergency (d)Function of Armed Forces (e)Auditor General of Pakistan

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