S.M Law College Karachi Guess Paper of LLB-1 (2014) Paper-1 MODERN JURISPRUDENCE

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Guess Paper of LLB-1 (2014)      Paper-1 MODERN JURISPRUDENCE

 Q.I Define Jurisprudence and explain different theories about the Jurisprudence also state its relation with other subjects?

Q.2 Explain briefly the different sources of law or Jurisprudence?

Q.3 Define precedents and customs also explain their kinds and what is difference between them?
Q.4 Define ownership and state its different kinds? '

Q.5 What is possession discuss in detail?

Q.6 What is administration of justice also state concept of criminal justice and different theories of punishments?

Q.7 What is legislation? Explain the kinds of Legislation.

 Q-8.What are the legal Rights? Explain the kinds of legal rights.

Q.9 Write Short Note:
a) Sovereignty b) General and Special Law c) Questions of law and Questions of Fact d) Void and voidable Agreements e) International law & Administrative law.

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